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Southwest Risk Management Consulting Services, LLC offers clients a unique approach to their Risk Management needs. Transparency and hard work is a must when faced with day to day challenges. Trust and confidence will help us develop a long-term partnership with your team.

Our Risk Management Strategies will help you reduce expenses, improve management, and protect all the assets of the business. It is important to develop or strengthen your Safety Program, be OSHA Compliant, actively use Human Resources within your business, to be properly covered by Insurance products, and to develop the knowledge and experience of your employees.

Our goal is to communicate with you immediately to discover your current business needs. We’d love talk with you, give us a call today at

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HR COMPLIANCE: Safety & Support Center

We are here to strengthen & support your business.
  • Risk Management – Focuses on the fiduciary responsibility of the business
  • Safety Programs – Manages safe behaviors of the employees
  • Human Resources – Focuses on productive relationships between employees at all levels and the employer
  • Insurance Coverages – Complete an insurance review, make sure business is protected

Did you know that businesses can receive up to $4 to $6 return on every dollar invested in Risk Management?

Partner with Southwest Risk Management Consulting Services to protect your business.

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Our team works diligently with every client to ensure the best results. It is rewarding to see companies improve their bottom line, employee morale, and company growth. Give us a call and let’s discuss your concerns. We look forward to working with you.

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