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Accident Investigations

Should your Company conduct Accident Investigations?  ABSOLUTLEY!

Ignoring the Accident Investigation Process can cost your Company tens of thousands of dollars. It is important to be proactive and uncover the true result of any accident.

Liability and/or the true cause of any loss can be unclear until you have completed a thorough accident investigation. Many times, liability can be shared with another person and/or entity. Liability can also be removed from your company completely when uncovering facts within the accident investigation.

SWRMCS utilizes a unique “5-Pillar” accident investigation process that:

1. Discovers the correct “liable” party
2. Legitimizes a claim made against your company’s general liability, auto liability, and or a claim against the company’s workers compensation policy
3. Mitigates the loss or injury – reduces impact on costly insurance premiums
4. Prevents future claims from happening
5. Uncovers the root cause of the accident, and delivers clear guidance on company policies and procedures

Avoid costly increases on insurance premiums, regulatory fines, and other company expenses.

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