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Agriculture Business

We have developed a Safety Program for Farming and Dairy businesses. We service many Agriculture businesses throughout the Southwest.

  • Learn to identify and avoid company-specific hazards.
  • Learn and apply OSHA standards – We train your trainers to utilize OSHA standards to you maintain OSHA compliance.
  • Train the trainer on company policies and procedures – Safety Rules, Human Resource policies such as proper attire or sexual harassment among a few, and Risk Mitigation practices.
  • Manage the Workers Compensation Program – Claims management practices, Return to Work and how it reduces your premiums, Drug and Alcohol Program, and much more….
  • Utilize up to date “New Hire” and “Termination” practices and documents – Reduce turnover and increase retention and loyalty from employees.
  • It is pleasure to work with this industry, and we have seen many great successes over the years.

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