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Senior Risk Management Specialist

Prior to joining Southwest Risk Management Consulting Services, LLC he was a Risk Management Consultant at CopperPoint Insurance Company for 9 years. Prior to that he worked for Transamerica Insurance Group for 22 years as a Risk Management Consultant and Assistant Director for their National Construction Division. He holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Safety Management from the University of New Mexico which is also his home town.

He holds numerous certificates in process Safety, Risk Management, Leadership, Insurance, OSHA Programs and training and completed training certifications for the Entertainment Industry at K&K Insurance Company in Fort Wayne Indiana. He served clients across the US from nuclear power plants, construction, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, municipality, fire departments, trade services, and restaurants.

At Southwest Risk Management Consulting Services, LLC he heads the accident investigation team, jobsite safety audits, and creates custom Safety Programs that answer the requirements of his clients. With his experience, he is excellent at mitigating risks, and reducing costs of the business.