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Job Site Safety Audit – a.k.a. Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection – Second Pair Eyes

Various industries request a Safety Inspection from our team.  Why?

  1. 1. To avoid costly OSHA citations.
  2. 2. To ensure that your management team knows whether or not all employee s are keeping company policies and procedures.  Construction companies use this services frequently.  
  3. Prevent workers compensation injuries from occuring
    4. Avoid increased insurance premiums
    5. Protect your employees and your assets, use this service to teach not punish
    6. Understand current morale of the employees


1. After implementing new policies and procedures
2. After a workers compensation injury occurred
3. After a near miss of injury or damage to property, find out what happened before it really occurs.
4. Proactive approach to job site management
5. Identify areas for improvement to win more bids/jobs

Keep an eye on your company with this service!

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